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I would like to thank my PR Company  Two Side Moon Promotions, all the press, journalists, reviewers and bloggers for the warm welcome and great reviews of my first instrumental EP Springs Of Time ft. Derek Sherinian released earlier this year.

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“…Cleverly titled opener “Springs of Time” is also a clever mini-adventure. Its proud, bouncy strut instantly takes you back to the golden age of shred (think late 80s and early 90s), but also veers so elegantly toward jazz, the result is an assertively modern sound – sunny, poetic, and nigh-virtuosic. The way the harmony zigzags into unpredictable directions, the sudden meter changes, and the muscle of Kosterova’s rough-hewn tone…”, – – Springs OF Time review 

“…to record a guitar-based album that captures the attention requires the sort of crossroads-pact based combination that only musicians of the calibre of Joe Satriani and Steve Vai can lay claim to. Julia Kosterova, however, has clearly been taking notes because her debut EP is an astonishing whirlwind of finger work coupled with that rare ability to serve the song (rather than have the song serve the musician) in a manner that keeps things fresh and interesting throughout the EPs 23 minute run time.

Part of Julia’s secret is her intuitive grasp of melody. The guitar pieces here are undeniably flash pieces of work, but throughout her solos serve to further the song in the absence of a vocalist with the result that the songs are not only awe-inspiring but also memorable pieces in their own right – the tunes don’t exist simply to bolster Julia’s ego. Part of this must surely be down to the involvement of keyboard legend Derek Sherinian who serves as keyboardist and producer and whose experience in the field is surely second to none. His jazzy flourishes are all over the record while in support Chris Buck, Rufus Philpot and Michael Devin all offer their talents on bass whilst Marco Minnemann the wonderful Brian Tichy lend their skill on drums. It’s one hell of an ensemble, and Julia’s intuition in gathering together musicians of such calibre only goes to show that she understands the necessity of having far more in place than just blistering solos…

…Overall this is one hell of an EP. While those who are left cold by the works of Steve Vai et al. may be advised to steer clear, Julia Kosterova has cleverly bought together an army of indisputably brilliant musicians and harnessed them to tracks of real power and feeling in order to keep her debut work very much at the head of the pack. This is a record to show to people who don’t believe virtuosos can produce music of passion and power and it highlights the fact that no matter how disposable the major labels may seek to make music, there will always be artists of wit and ability waiting in the wings to carry the torch for practice and perseverance over instant gratification. ‘Springs of time’ is, without doubt, one of the most enjoyable rides through a virtuoso musician’s talent you can hope to find and is well worth exploring.”, – Sonic Abuse – Springs OF Time review 

“… The cool thing about her music is that it’s not only her shredding the guitar’s neck and raping the strings, but about her collaborating to the music as a whole, that’s so cool keeping in mind that it’s not a band but a solo project, that shows how focused she’s into delivering something that sounds fresh and cool and not choking and suffocating us with guitar notes 24/7. That leads to a heavy guitar-themed album but at the same time it leads to an album that’s filled with other things…”, – Sofa King Metal – Springs OF Time review 

Julia Kosterova’s Interview on music composition and the making of Springs Of Time for Music Theory For Guitar 

Russian press:

“… Юлия Костерова оказалась первой представительницей нашей страны, записавшей материал с музыкантами высшего эшелона мировой рок-сцены – клавишником Дереком Шериньяном (экс-Kiss, Dream Theater, Planet X и Black Country Communion), также выступившим продюсером миньона; барабанщиками Брайаном Тичи (экс-Whitesnake) и Марко Миннеманом и бас-гитаристами Майклом Девином (Whitesnake), Крисом Баком (3 Crows) и Руфусом Филпотом. Такой набор звезд намекает, что вряд ли мы дождемся просто набора бесконечных самовлюбленных гитарных соло – и действительно, композиции «Springs Of Time» балансируют между простыми формами прогрессив-метала, гитарного фьюжна, и, что самое важное – гитарного AOR’а американской модели. Естественно, с разным удельным весом этих компонентов – титульный номер и «The Wave Of Luck» напоминают самые ураганные пьесы американцев Night Ranger и творения их гитариста Брэда Гиллиса с его сольника «Gilrock Ranch» (1993), а «Stranger» и «Hi Power» демонстрируют занимательный синтез фьюжн-аранжировок с прямолинейными рок-н-ролльными риффами и мелодическими построениями, напоминающими и о Pink Floyd, и о родном «Автографе»…”,  – Vsevolod Baronin – Springs OF Time review 

Julia Kosterova’s Interview on the making of her new EP Springs Of Time for Show Master Magazine

InRock Music Magazine – Springs OF Time review:


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